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info sheet: mosaic

info sheet: mosaic

Here's another info sheet like my first one, but a bit more ambitious. There are a few different options! The default is the TNR Mosaic, previewed above. The second is the TNR Plain, which looks like this (click for larger image): The only difference is that the icon mosaic on the top left is replaced with a regular rectangular image. If you'd like to use a gif instead, this is the code you should probably use. There's also Helvetica Mosaic and Helvetica Plain if you'd prefer a sans-serif font, which is just the same codes scaled properly for a different font.

Customization is pretty simple, given that this is a mostly B&W code. If using the Mosaic code, replace USERPIC 1 through USERPIC 15 with links to — you guessed it — the icons you wish to appear in the mosaic. If using the Plain code, replace LEFT PICTURE URL with the URL of the picture you'd like to appear in the top left. All the following instructions are the same regardless of the version you use.

Replace CHARACTER NAME with your character's name, FLAVOR TEXT with whatever text you'd like to appear under the name (I used a quote), and CANON NAME with the canon your character is from. Replace OVERVIEW GOES HERE with a short, 1-2 paragraph blurb about your character, PERSONALITY GOES HERE with a longer personality, and ABILITIES GO HERE with a blurb about your character's abilities. Lastly, replace RIGHT PICTURE URL with the picture you'd like to appear in the bottom right corner. Everything else is extremely self-explanatory! I tried to make the code as user-friendly as possible even though I tend to be an extremely messy coder, and I hope it worked!

Dreamwidth gets a little funky when I try to put this code in one entry more than once for some reason, possibly because it's like a million freaking characters, so the codes are down below in the comments section! The code is fairly complicated, so please please please let me know if anything isn't working right and I'll do my best to help you out!

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